"Anna first gave me Reiki for my migraines at the office. It peaked my curiosity so I thought I would try it. I've been having sessions at Spirit Well Reiki for five months now and my migraines are gone! I've learned how to work with my inner voice to solve problems before the migraine takes hold. As a result, I feel calmer, have more energy and am more in control of my life." 

Debbie B. 

"Until I met Anna, I was not a believer in the benefits of Reiki. However, with her skill and patience, Anna won me over to the benefits of Reiki. My first session with Anna was purely accidental. While on a road trip, my shoulders were very sore from the tension of driving. From the back seat, Anna offered to give my Reiki to relieve the pain. It worked almost immediately. I've been hooked ever since and continue to receive more regular sessions from Anna to maintain my health." 

Lisa B. 

"I didn't know what to expect from Reiki, but I am pleased with the results. I feel relaxed, calm and energized after my sessions - both mentally and physically." 

Barb R. 

"After mutual trust was established, I felt at ease discussing health and personal issues. I felt more in touch with my body and mind at the end of each session. Anna's pace in each session is very good. She has a very human touch. Although some subjects were difficult to tackle, she doesn't judge and this allowed me to be open." 

John D. 

"What are some of the things learned so far from my illness? I have learned that the most important thing in life is not wealth and accomplishments but the relationships we forge, with family, colleagues and clients. The best gift is not diamonds or chocolates but "focused attention" - showing people we value them enough to give them our precious time." 

Gillian E.