Spiritual Dreamer

Sound Relationships

Sound is a denser vibration of consciousness in the universe: next comes light. Sound came into creation and form in the universe after “conception”. Vibration exploded and matter took the form that we know of as sound. “ Spiritual dreamer Anna 


photo of grasslands

The wind blowing over the sweet grass at the evening of the day 

sunset and the smell of hay 

The fire whose smoke fills my hair 

while flickering light 

dances flames 

to look deep 

a way to meditate 

The dusk and with it comes 

the smell so familiar of the deepest well 

and a river 

whose banks are calling me home 

The Universe breathes through me

photo of universeAs I awoke this morning I was reminded of standing on my great great-grandmother’s grave yesterday morning. I could have stayed there all day long or just sat down and slept. It felt so good. Never before have I felt so solid in an energy source. It was like a signature key that belonged to me, and my DNA knew it. I was encompassed, surrounded and held by the universal force including hundreds of my ancestral family members.