Reiki Miracles

Fighting to Stay

When I put my hands on her, her energy is deep and quiet: very, very quiet. I search exploring its texture - looking for more but there isn't any. It has a quiet strength that says "that's just the way it is". 

I remember her as a little girl. White haired, beautiful. Always wanting a cat for a playmate. Putting her cat in the doll carriage and strolling it down the long driveway. The cat languished in the affection - never lashing out. 

Natural Healing System

photo of child

Reiki is a natural healing system that channels energy through the body. It soothes pain, relieves stress and boosts your own ability to heal. Could you benefit from stress or pain relief? Would increased vitality and balance help in your life? 

These are some of the benefits of Reiki. But what is Reiki and how does it work? 

Child who comes with the Dawn - A reiki story

photo of mother and babyWhen I arrived at the hospital things were already in progress: mom was naked and clearly in labour. The barriers of "who can see me naked" had fallen away as the process of birthing a child stepped up. My own experience with this was now eight years old but I remembered the process of going into my inner world with every new contraction.