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Menopause - Conscious Healthy Midlife


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TONE is a magazine for raising consciousness. But what is consciousness and how does one raise it? American Heritage dictionary says that to be conscious one is awake – not asleep and has intentional deliberate responses to one’s existence and environment. This week I’m having an awake response to regular life following an intensive 200-hour yoga-training course. In short, I’m having yoga withdrawal. 

Insecurity and the Black Swan

photo of black swan The psychological demands for a dancer have long been known as tough. Student dancers are reminded of rules, discipline, sacrifices and loyalty to their craft. Being psychologically strong is as important as being physically and spiritually strong in order to maintain and advance the level of performance required to compete in this three dimensional art form.

An Argument for Apology

On this holy Tuesday before Easter my thoughts are drawn to the teachings of Jesus as outlined in the New Testament: Love thy brother as thyself, The meek shall inherit the earth, Honor women and children to name a very few. Teachings are a gift from God. They come to us through our hearts and are generally messed with by our minds. I say that in light of another thought from yesterday’s Newsreel about human rights for women in Afghanistan. How easy it is to ignore those teachings or turn them to our own purposes.

Learning to Bow

photo of AnnaLast weekend Paul Mitchell, USUI Traditional Reiki Master, came to Ottawa from Idaho to discuss the five reiki principles and meet with Reiki students and masters from all disciplines. Paul is one of the last Reiki Masters initiated by Mrs. Hawaya Takata. On Saturday, each reiki principle was examined in a series of experiential exercises.