Aboriginal Teachings

Revelations in Trickster Medicine


This paper’s primary focus is to explore the role of the trickster in Amerindian spirituality, their society and propose a universal application of trickster medicine today. The trickster concept is revealed through exploring oral traditions and the nuances of aboriginal language. It is supported by background information of the Red Path spirituality and a brief historical orientation to Native American Indians and our local Algonquin Nation (listed as appendices.)

Heyoka - my experience with a modern trickster

"It’s over now. You’re finished. Your work together is done.” The face of a grandmother floated in front of my older sister’s as she spoke these words. I listened hearing the double voice and seeing the Grandmother clearly. This was the third person to say these exact words to me. Finally, I listened but it was hard to let go. I’d been so enmeshed in the mystery of the man who was a modern day heyokah. 

Wolf is Walking

photo of wolf

On Tuesday it was rainy, cold and a wind whipped up the waves of my emotions as I traveled down highway 416 towards Brockville. My feelings waxed and waned from intense to nonexistent. Was this a hormone day or was I hiding from my fear of losing my dad? Visits these days are both joyful and hard. I bask in the bounty of my lineage, my home, and my family but I also must face the hard facts: the uncertainty and finiteness of life.

Grandmother Talks

Hina na ho ho henay, Hina na ho ho henay, this line from the familiar song by Susan Aglukark ran through my head as I presented myself to the guides and grandmothers. My question to them was, “what would you tell me about menopause”? They were silent except for the song, waiting and watching what I would do. “Is she afraid to get out of that chair do you think? Can she see us here?” “Singing is what is needed - vibration and waves.” 

Woman Nation

photo of mom and child

"You are from the Woman Nation - that requires no further introductions." 

Women are powerful. Ask anyone who has raised children, or worked two jobs, or pulled an all nighter to meet a deadline at work. Where does that power come from? It comes from the inside - from our spirit.