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I believe that the union of the body-mind is powerful and that we all have untapped abilities in assisting your body toward balance and vitality. As a body-mind specialist, I use holistic healing therapies to help you take charge of your health and well-being. Sometimes that is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, but usually it is - all of the above.

As a trained intuitive, I listen to the body and see what it’s telling me in relation to your goals and issues. I teach you specific tools to engage in new ways and facilitate a connection that helps clear out problems. Clients report feeling more grounded, engaged and hopeful in their daily pursuits. Some of my clients have experienced remarkable healing rates or outcomes.

“Anna is a wonderful, caring practitioner. I have learned so much from her and her intuitive knowledge of the body, chakras, and psychology of the body are amazing. She is well versed in cranial sacral, reiki, yoga, conflict resolution and counseling. I can highly recommend her wonderful services.” SP Ottawa Nutritional Specialist

"Anna is an excellent therapist. With her help and guidance in using EMDR, I was able to regain focus, confidence in myself and peace. I highly recommend her. I have done myriads of therapy in my life and none has proven more effective than my journey with Anna. I feel I can live my life fully now and my past that was pulling me down all these years is finally put to rest. I am forever grateful to Anna." 


My skills are helpful for people who want:

  • better focus and mental attentiveness at work and school
  • to feel better physically
  • people who are in difficult relationships and want to unravel the emotional struggle.
  • to live calmly, with confidence, and to be their genuine self.

I'm passionate about helping people to communicate with others in a genuine, honest and empowered way. I work as a spiritual guide with clients to resolve issues, manage stress, and inspire peace, ease and calmness in all aspects of their life journey.

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